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Helping Travelers Save Money By Better Bidding on Priceline & Hotwire Hotels

Hotel bidding sites like Hotwire & Priceline are great for travelers looking to save money on hotel bookings. Hotels with excess inventory sell their rooms to these sites at deep discounts because they would rather fill their rooms than have them stay empty. Problem is, they do not want to dilute their brand, so they use sites like Hotwire or Priceline that do not publish the name of the hotel until after you make your purchase. This creates a win-win for who are prepared to take a bit of a gamble with their hotel: hotels sell off vacant rooms and travelers save big.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of risk invovled in using sites like Priceline or Hotwire. First, you do not know the name of your hotel up front, and second, your reservation is non-refundable. Thats where this site, can help. Every day, tens of thousands of travelers book hotels on Hotwire and Priceline. This site is a platform for travelers to help travelers by sharing the information that the hotels and booking engines do not want you to know, like: the name of the hotel you received and the price you paid.

Revealing Priceline and Hotwire Hotels

The Hotwire & Priceline Forum is a community where bidding travelers share their winning bids and hotel purchases. The Forum is very much dependent travelers contributing by posting their winning bids. Originally just a handful of Priceline diehards in 2009, the Forum now has 22,000 members who regularly report the name of the hotel they received on Hotwire / Priceline and the price paid.

The Forum is also a great place to ask questions or get help bidding. Post a question and we will do our best to help you identify your hotel or give you tips on better bidding on Priceline and Hotwire hotels.

All winning bid reports get manually reviewed by the HotelDealsRevealed team and make their way to a list of Hotwire or Priceline hotels. We know of over 5,000 hotels that are available on Hotwire and Priceline in most cities throughout Canada, United States, Europe and the Caribbean. Travelers love using the hotel lists: comparing the information on the lits to the information available on Hotwire or Priceline can help travelers reveal their hotel name before booking. At a minimum it will give you an idea of the type and calibre of hotel you will get.

Have a question about Hotwire or Priceline? Join our user community and post a question in our forum. We'd be happy to help. Other inquiries can be directed to administrator@hoteldeals

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This site is a publication of Global Travel Innovations Inc., a privately held company located in Victoria, Canada. We specialize in building web tools and technologies to help travelers make better decisions about their travel plans and purchases.