Hotwire Hotel List

Checking out a Hotwire hotel list before bidding on your hotel room can be helpful. ┬áIn fact, one of the primary objectives of this website,, is to help travellers reveal the name of their hotel on Hotwire prior to purchasing. This is typically done by comparing the information shown on Hotwire to that shown on a particular Hotwire Hotel List for the city you’re travelling to. Comparing information provided by Hotwire to the information on the list can help you identify your hotel or at least narrow it down to a few choices of what you might get before placing your order.

Why Try To Reveal Your Hotel Name? To some travellers, it’s important to know the hotel name in advance of buying their hotel. There can be several reasons for this: you have a preference for one brand over another, you want to know the exact location so that you know how far away you are from public transit, a conference, etc. At the same time, you also want to safe money – hence you use Hotwire. By using Hotwire as well as the Hotel List in your city, you are getting the best of both worlds.

How Do Hotwire Hotel Lists Work: After travellers use Hotwire, they share their purchase information such as the hotel name, price, amenities, and zone) with This is a great community of travellers helping travellers by paying it forward., in turn, put this information into a database (aka the Hotwire Hotel List) and allow users to query the database to try and identify their hotel name.

The Hotel Lists contain as much information as is known about a particular hotel that you might get on Hotwire. For example, the list tells you the zone within a city that the hotel is in, the star rating, the hotel name, as well as all the hotel amenities that showed up on Hotwire. We even show you the last time a hotel was reported, so you have a better clue as to how current the data is that you’re looking at.

Hotwire Hotel List

Here is a sample Hotwire Hotel List. This one is for New York City.

It is worth noting that any given Hotwire Hotel List is actually generated by travellers sharing their purchases, and therefore should not be entirely relied upon with 100% certainty. Every attempt is made to keep the lists up to date but sometimes Hotwire changes zone boundaries and star ratings, hotel amenities change, and occassionally the information is simply wrong. Therefore, please only use lists as a guide and don’t be surprised if you don’t end up with the hotel you were expecting. We like to think we’re quite reliable but admittedly, we’re not 100% perfect.

Hotwire Hotel List – Revealed Recent Changes: Recently, Hotwire has been making a few changes to their site that have resulted in changes to the Hotwire Hotel List features on this site. Here’s a quick overview of those changes:

  • Free Internet: One of my biggest pet peeves about hotels is being charged for internet. When I can go to Starbucks or McDonalds and get wifi for free, why must I pay $15 per night at a hotel? Thankfully, Hotwire now distinguishes between internet and free internet. Note: if a hotel doesn’t show “free” internet, it doesn’t mean you’ll be charged for internet necessarily. Not all hotels show “free” internet even if they offer it.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Swimming Pools: Hotwire now distinguishes swimming pools as being indoor or outdoor. This is fantastic for places such as the Pacific Northwest (where I live) when even in the summer, it can still be a bit too chilli to go swimming. Again, not all hotels are distinguished between indoor and outdoor.
  • Accessibility Amenities: This is great news for those who require accessibility amenities, but it makes it a real pain in the butt to try and identify your hotel. For this reason, HotelDealsRevealed is not adding these amenities to a hotel list. They actually don’t help people identify their hotel but instead make it harder.

Using The Lists – Getting Started: If you’re about to purchase a hotel on Hotwire, why not try using the hotel list for the city you’re travelling to. Simply visit the Hotwire Hotel List page to get started. Yes, this is a free service. We only ask that you pay it forward. After you’ve purchased your Hotwire hotel room, join our Hotwire forum and share your purchase details to help fellow travellers on their next trip

Here are the hotel lists for the most popular destinations throughout Canada and the United States: