Priceline Hotels in Waikiki and Oahu, Hawaii

Hilton Hawaiian Village Priceline

The Lagoon at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Priceline offers several dozen hotels in Waikiki and throughout the Hawaiian island of Oahu.  For a complete list of Priceline hotels in Oaha, visit the Waikiki and Oahu hotel list. In this article, I take a closer look at some of the more popular hotels in Hawaii that show up on Priceline, and in particular, the resort and vacation areas of Waikiki and other popular destinations.  Use this list for better bidding on Priceline hotels in Hawaii.

Waikiki Marina Priceline Bidding Zone:  I generally recommend people avoid this zone if they can.  It’s simply too risky because there are many hotels here that are too far away from the beach.

Ala Moana Hotel:  This hotel is situated in a weird location.  It’s neither close to Waikiki Beach nor Ala Moana Beach.  The hotel rooms are nice enough but if you’re wanting to be close to the beach, avoid this help by not bidding on a 3 1/2 star hotel on Priceline in the Marina zone.

Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki:  This 4 star hotel should be avoided.  It’s quite simply too far from the beach and none of the hotel rooms have balconies (except those on the 5th floor).  It’s a nice resort on it’s own, but you’re paying beachfront prices without the beach.

Hilton Hawaiian Village:  Massive resort on the west edge of Waikiki Beach, I love this place.  If you happen to come across a “resort” hotel on the Waikiki Marina zone on Priceline, chances are it’s this hotel.  My recommendation:  bid your maximum and then some.   One thing I’m not a fan of:  there are a lot of additional fees such as $17/day for internet, parking, etc.  Overall, I’m a fan.

Ilikai Hotel & Suites:  I like this hotel but if you’re bidding on a 2 star in the Waikiki Marina district, you might end up getting something other than this hotel.  It’s a risk I would avoid.  But the reason I like it is quite simply it’s location.  It is immediately adjacent to the Hilton Hawaiian Village and just a short walk to the beach.

Waikiki Marina Hotel:  This 2 star hotel has some pros and cons.  The location is a bit far from Waikiki Beach but if you don’t mind a bit of a walk, this hotel can be a great bargain.  Rooms don’t have balconies either, but some great ocean views.

Waikiki City Central:  Some good deals to be had on 2 and 3 star hotels, if you don’t mind a short walk to the beach.

Ohana Waikiki East:  This is a good value, 3 star Priceline hotel.  Close to the beach (about a block away), this hotel throws in in a few nice extras that are sometime rare in Waikiki such as coffee makers with free coffee, high speed internet access in rooms, lobby, and by the pool, as well as free long distance phone calls (Canada and US only).

Ohana Waikiki Malia:  This is a 2 1/2 star hotel on Priceline.  This hotel is comprised of 2 buildings and rooms were renoved in 2009.  Only the main building was renovated and the other buildings are somewhat bland and dates. Biggest thing:  NO SWIMMING POOL.  For this reason, I recommend avoiding this (or any 2 1/2 star hotels in the Waikiki City Centra bidding zone).

Waikiki Beach:  For most, this is where you want to be.  Not all hotels are immediately on the beach though.  Some are across the street.

Marriott Waikiki Beach:  I spent a lot of time at this resort because of the warm pool, great view, and even better happy hour.  On Priceline, it’s appropriately listed as a 4-star hotel and is situated  in the Waikiki Beach bidding zone.  While not directly on the beach, the hotel is immediately across the street from the beach.  Here’s a tip:  don’t pay $30 per night to park at this hotel.  Park for $10 across the street at the Waikiki Banyan.

Moana Surfrider Waikiki Priceline

Moana Surfrider in Waikik

Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort:  Another superb hotel listed as 4 stars on Priceline.  This hotel is right on the beach and in the middle of the action of Waikiki.  If you like to be at the center of it all, this hotel is for you.  Great location, great pool, great beach, great beach bar!  But this is an extremely busy hotel day and night.

Sheraton Royal Hawaiian Waikiki (also known as the Pink Palace):  One of a few ‘resort’ hotels on Waikiki Beach, this hotel is in the perfect location that is on the main strip (Kalakaua Ave) yet manages to insulated itself.  The grounds are beautiful as are the pools.  Resort fee is $20 per day, but overall, this hotel is strongly recommended.  The views of the beach and Diamond Head are breathtaking.

Ko Olina Bidding Zone:  Somewhat remote, not a lot to do outside of the few resorts that are in this area.

 JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa:  Situated in the Ko Olina Priceline bidding zone on the south-west corner of Oahu, this resort is simply awesome.  If you see a Resort available on Priceline in this zone, it’s most likely this hotel.  The area is about 20 minutes from the airport, and if you don’t mind being away from Waikiki, I would strongly encourage you to bid on this hotel.  Check out the man-made ponds while you’re here.  Great snorkeling.

North Shore Bidding:  Extremely remote part of the Island.  Stay here if you truly want to get away from it all… and if you have a rental car.

Turtle Bay Resort:   If you’re looking for a “resort” hotel on Priceline on the island of Oahu and don’t mind being outside of Waikiki Beach, this hotel is a top contender.  For better bidding on resort hotels, consider bidding in the North Shore.  It’s a bit further away from the airport and quite remote (which means you’ll likely need a rental car).  This hotel has several miles of beach access  and the vast majority of the rooms have ocean views, many have been upgraded.  Nightlife here is non-existent.

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