Welk Resort Cabo San Lucas – Pictorial Review

I had the good fortunate to spend some time at the Welk Resort Cabo San Lucas recently. What follows is a pictorial review of this stunning property.

I managed to get the Welk Resort for just $99 USD per night on Hotwire. I chose Hotwire over other bidding sites like Priceline for one reason: Hotwire lets you know the hotel amenities before you book your hotel. This provides a couple of benefits. First, it helps reduce risk because you know whether or not the hotel your getting has certain amenities like a swimming pool, kitchen, 1 bedroom, and whether its on the beach or not.  This is particularly beneficial for beach vacations or traveling with kids when these things matter so much.

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Another benefit of Hotwire is that it allows you to easily reveal your hotel by using the list of known Hotwire hotels. More precisely, the list of Hotwire Cabo San Lucas hotels lists all the hotels that other travelers have reported from Hotwire purchases.  Simply compare the info on Hotwire to the info on the the list (hotel zone, star rating, and amenities).  A close match means there’s a good chance you will get that hotel.  In my case, I was expecting and receive the Welk Resort Cabo San Lucas.

While there, I took a bunch of photos of the resort so you can see first hand what its like from a real traveler.

Welk Resort In Cabo

This is a view from the balcony of a room at the Welk Resort just outside Cabo San Lucas. Taken at sunrise, could you imagine a prettier spot to enjoy your first cup of coffee?



Welk Resort Infininty Pool

The infinity pools at the Welk Resort Cabo. In the foreground is the smaller pool and beyond is the larger one. Way off in the background is the famous Arco at Lands End. Breath taking.



Welk Cabo Hot Tub

Taken from the hotel lobby, this photo shows the hot tub (jacuzzi) at the Welk. It is large and the temperature is just perfect, not too hot and not too cold. As you can see its big enough that it doesn’t get too crowded.



Welk Resort Cabo

The main infinity pool at the Welk Resort, looking south at the nearby resorts.



Pool Deck at Welk Cabo

This is the main swimming pool at the Welk Resort. Its on a rocky bluff peninsula, so you’re surrounded by ocean views everywhere you look. In the back behind the swim-up bar is the second, smaller, swimming pool. You can see an open-air pool table in the foreground.



Welk Resort Kids Games Room

The kids games room at the Welk was a welcome surprise. Featuring foosball, billiards, air hockey and board games, this room is great for kids from around aged 6 and up. Not too friendly for kids under 6 however.



Cabo San Lucas Infinity Pool

Here’s a kid jumping into the infinity pool with the ocean in the background. The view from the pool area are top notch, as you can see from this and other photos.



One Bedroom Suite At Welk

The galley kitchen does not have a stove. We bought frozen pizzas and then had to return them. Still, the kitchen was very well equipped with an ice maker and blender (the staples for margaritas).



Cute Towels

Welk Cabo San Lucas Bedroom

This is the bedroom of the 1 bedroom suite. As you can see, presentation is a big deal here. The picture does not do this room justice. In the background, the curtains are drawn but the view from the balcony is nothing short of breath taking.



Suite Balcony At Welk Cabo

I love this balcony. Unfortunately, I was staying in the standard room (which still has an amazing view and comfy chairs), so I did not get to enjoy the jacuzzi tub and chaise lounges.



2BR Master Bedroom

View of the soaker tub and en suite bathroom from the main bedroom of the 2-bedroom suite at the Welk.



Living Room

Living room and partial glimpses of the dining room of the 2 bedroom suite.




This is the bathroom of one of their 2 bedroom suites I got to see while touring the facility.



Welcome To Sirena Del Mar

The hotel pays a lot of attention to detail, and presentation is important. Rooms are not made up daily but seemingly sporadically every 4 or 5 days. I don’t like or need room service very day, so i was not bothered by this.



ocean view from balcony

All rooms at the Welk Resort in Cabo have an impressive view of the ocean. This view is tough to beat, especially with humpback and grey whales breaking in front of you from time to time.