Who has the cheapest passport photos in Canada?

passport photos in Canada

Three passport photos at Walmart cost me $54. Definitely not the cheapest in Canada

I recently had to get some passport photos taken for myself and my 2 daughters.  I didn’t really give it much though who has the cheapest passport photos in Canada, so I went to Walmart.  Didn’t give it a second thought.  Afterall, Walmart is cheap right?

I found out the hard way they aren’t quite so cheap after all, especially for passport photos.  The pictures for me and my 2 daughters was $15.99 each, or $53.73 for all 3 after 12% HST (BC Resident).  It wasn’t until several weeks later that I discovered Costco does passport photos and that the price is only $7.99 per person, exactly half the price of Walmart.  It was too late for me, but had I known I would have saved over $26 on photos.

2014 UPDATE:  COSTCO still has the cheapest passport photos in Canada.  At only $7.99, its less than half the price of most other places.

I spent about 40 minutes searching the net and travel forums (RedFlagDeals is my favorite Canadian bargain site), and calling to a handful of photo shops but nobody even came close.  I might have missed it but I’m pretty sure Costco offers of the cheapest passport photos in Canada.


At only $8, Costco easily has the cheapest passport photos in Canada.

Quality Does Matter:  Last time we got our photos taken, my twins were only 2 years old.  Getting them to pose for a photo was pretty tough slugging.  Try telling your kid NOT TO SMILE.  It goes against everything they’ve ever been told.  Last time around, we used Sears for our photo before a family trip to Las Vegas.  So after we finally got the pictures taken, they were rejected from the passport office not once, but twice.  It took 3 visits to Sears, a company I will never use again for my passport photos.

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Check your passport expiry date:  Here’s an obvious tips for travellers but one that nearly cost me a 2 week trip to Hawaii.  Two nights before our trip last spring, I checked our passports and discovered my twins’ passports had expired.  We were all set to fly out of Victoria (YYJ) and couldn’t.  Luckily I discovered that minors were permitted to enter the US by boat.  We changed our flights so that we were flying from Seattle to Honolulu (instead of Victoria), and we caught a ferry from Victoria to Seattle.  The whole incident cost me about $500.  This was for the ferry, extra hotel in Seattle, flight change fees, and food

Do you know somebody who offers passport photos in Canada cheaper than Costco?