Priceline Hotel List - Stockton - Modesto

Last updated: June 2013
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There are 8 known Priceline hotels in Stockton - Modesto, CA.

The Priceline Hotel List - Stockton - Modesto was generated from customers using Priceline to book their accommodation. The list is not perfect.

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Modesto - Salida
DoubleTree by Hilton Modesto(TripAdvisor Review) Reported: April 2010
Courtyard by Marriott Modesto(TripAdvisor Review) Reported: June 2013
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Modesto Hotel(TripAdvisor Review) December 2009
Ramada Inn Modesto(TripAdvisor Review) Reported: December 2009
Courtyard by Marriott Stockton(TripAdvisor Review) Reported: June 2013
Hilton Stockton(TripAdvisor Review) Reported: December 2009
Extended StayAmerica Stockton(TripAdvisor Review) Reported: February 2013
La Quinta Inn Stockton(TripAdvisor Review) Reported: May 2013

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