Articles For Better Bidding On Hotwire and Priceline

Las Vegas 24 Hour Buffet Pass

Posted on: by Randy Greencorn

The Las Vegas 24 hour buffet pass is a deal that lets you visit select buffets as often as you like within a 24 hour period. For just $50, its worth it for those travellers wishing to eat at 2 or more buffets during their stay in Vegas. Here is an overview of how it works along with some tips to get the most of your pass and avoid long lineups.

Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, BC

Posted on: by Randy Greencorn

Vancouver Island offers a great variety of sites and activities for visitors to experience.  At the souther tip, Victoria offers tourists great pubs, the Inner Harbour, Butchart Gardens, and of course, tea at the Empress Hotel.  Along the eaast cost, Parksville has vast sandy beaches where you can walk out nearly 1 kilometer during low ..

Ten Tips For Cheaper Vacations

Posted on: by Randy Greencorn

I was recently on a United Airlines flight to Las Vegas and read an article in their magazine on how to save money on travel.  The article, as you might expect, was full of suggestions on why you should choose United for all your flight and travel needs.  It was a mediocre article at best ..

Hotwire or Priceline: Which is Cheaper for Hotels?

Posted on: by Randy Greencorn

This article uses data to compare which is cheaper for hotels, Hotwire or Priceline. Based on analysis, it is found that Priceline is usually cheaper by around 10%. Want tips for better bidding to get even lower prices? This article discussed how to bid low and work your way up to save even more on bidding for travel.

America’s Cheapest Cities For Luxury Hotels

Posted on: by Randy Greencorn

Based on a new study by, here is a list of the cheapest (and most expensive cities for luxury hotels in America.

Ever notice that some cities are dirt cheap when it comes to high-end hotels while other cities are seemingly impossible t get a decent hotel at a decent price? You are not along, and in fact, it could be the city that you are staying. In a recent survey of travellers, I was able to determine the top 10 most affordable luxury hotel cities in America, as well as the most expensive. The cheapest cities for Luxury hotels are:

Free things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted on: by Randy Greencorn

Here’s a list of 10 free things to do in Las Vegas. Whether you are on a tight budget, frugal, or down on your luck, there are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas that won’t cost you a dime. After several trips to Vegas, we’ve weeded out those things that are gimmicky and only include the best things that are actually worth your time.

Who has the cheapest passport photos in Canada?

Posted on: by Randy Greencorn

I recently had to get some passport photos taken for myself and my 2 daughters. I didn’t really give it much though who has the cheapest passport photos in Canada, so I went to Walmart. Didn’t give it a second thought. Afterall, Walmart is heap right? My mistake. It turns out Costco is half the price for photos.

I found out the hard way they aren’t quite so cheap afterall, especially for passport photos. The pictures for me and my 2 daughters was $15.99 each, or $53.73 for all 3 after 12% HST (BC Resident). It wasn’t until several weeks later that I discovered Costco does passport photos and that the price is only $7.99 per person, exactly half the price of Walmart. It was too late for me, but had I known I would have saved over $26 on photos.

Priceline Hotels in Midtown Manhattan

Posted on: by Randy Greencorn

There are few cities that are more expensive than New York City, and within the city, Midtown Manhattan is the most expensive and sought after area travelers want to stay. This is for good reason: Midtown is the hub of Manhattan, the center of it all with Broadway, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, and Times Square all within arms reach. Unfortunately, the cost of hotels is astronomical and savvy travelers should consider Priceline hotels in Midtown Manhattan.