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Cell Phone Connection Providers in India

How to get a cell phone (mobile) connection in India

This article explains how a foreigner traveling in India can get a local cell phone connection. It discusses the steps to obtain a cell phone connection in India. It also lists out different Indian cell phone network providers and their advantages. The Indian cell phone terminologies are also explained for better understanding of the Indian cell phone technicalities

India Gate Delhi

Cheapest Way From Delhi International Airport (India) to Central Delhi

The distance between the central part of Delhi that is Central Delhi (Paharganj) and the Delhi airport Indira Gandhi International Airport is 18 kilometers. There is a range of options to travel from the airport to Paharganj like metro, bus, taxi, Uber, and renting a car etc. But, what is the cheapest, quickest and the most comfortable way to travel from the airport to Paharganj? Different options are discussed in detail with travel time and cost factor in mind.

Sahara Desert Sand Dunes

Sahara Desert Tour – Marrakech to Erg Chebbi to Marrakech

As I was preparing for my trip to Morocco, I started talking to travellers who had been to the country, and I was amazed by the number of travellers who said visiting the Sahara Desert was one of the best travel destinations they have ever visited.  Having now done the trek out to the Sahara […]

Riad Puchka Marrakech Hotel Review

I recently stayed at the Riad Puchka in Marrakech.  My overall impression is that the hotel is wonderful and in a great location.  However, I was overcharged for items on multiple occasions, and as a result, I would advise travellers to be very diligent when paying for their bill.  Overall, I would stay here again. […]

Entrance to the Salisbury Hotel

Salisbury Hotel in Manhattan on Hotwire

New York, and Manhattan in particular, is an expensive city and hotel accommodations are no exception.  With the high price of real estate, it is very difficult to find a basic hotel under $200 per night.  This is one of the many reasons travellers turn to opaque bidding sites like Hotwire or Priceline when booking […]

Arriving at the Marrakesh Airport

Marrakesh Morocco Visit

Marrakesh is an amazing city to visit, steeped with culture and activities that will amaze western travellers.  Most visitors will spend much of their time in the Medina (old city), and visit some of the other sites such as the colourful Majorelle Garden. The Medina The Medina, or old city, of Morocco is like another […]

Vacation Rental Screenshot

Private Vacation Rentals: Use Caution

My experience with private vacation rentals was not great. I was not able to get an early check-in when I needed to, and I had to pay extra for a late check-in when needed. The owner at one of the rentals chose to keep my damage deposit even though there was no damage to the apartment, and there was no recourse through VRBO. And finally, I had multiple rentals cancelled; this a major inconvenience and there is a risk of not getting your deposit refunded.

Marrakech Scams

Marrakech Tourist Scams

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time in the city of Marrakech, Morocco.  While the overall trip was simply amazing, I experienced a few scams that travellers should be aware of. Tannery Scam This is a popular Marrakech tourist scam.  In Marrakech, there are a few tanneries on the outskirts of the Modena […]

Priceline Paris Hotels

Using Priceline for Paris Hotels

Paris, like most European cities, can be expensive, particularly when it comes to hotel accommodations. Paris is, after all, the most visited city in the world with over 40 million visitors annually. This drives up accommodation prices. Fortunately for travellers who are prepared to do a bit of research, there are many options to get a great accommodation in a spectacular location at a great price. Priceline probably offers the lowest prices for hotels in Paris.

Priceline Paris Hotel

Affordable Accommodations in Paris Using Priceline

Priceline is a great alternative for travelers booking a hotel in Paris where the exact hotel does not matter. That’s because with Priceline’s Name Your Own Price, you bid on a hotel by specifying your hotel criteria: travel dates, vicinity, and hotel star rating. However, you do not know the exact location of your hotel until after you place a bid. If your bid is accepted, you then find out which hotel you received. Note that reservations on Priceline are non-refundable and cannot be changed or cancelled.