Help for Better Bidding on Priceline & Hotwire

Priceline vs Hotwire

Priceline vs. Hotwire Hotels

This article takes a look at Priceline vs. Hotwire hotels. Specifically, we look at how each site rates the same hotels. Do they rate hotels the same or does one company inflate their hotel ratings? Anyone who travels has probably stayed at a hotel that did not quite meet their expectations. You book a hotel online based on some photos but when you get there, the hotel looks better in photos than in real life.

resort fees

Resort Fees Are Getting Out Of Hand

resort fees are a mandatory fee that guests must pay to the hotel in addition to the nightly room rate. In most cases they are on a per night basis and guests cannot opt out. They often include some perks and freebies such as usage of the hotel facilities, a complimentary newspaper, free telephone calls and internet. Here are the top 10 cities that charge resort fees and some tips on how to avoid them.

Turtle Beach, Oahu HI

Visit Turtle Beach on Oahu For Sea Turtle Experience

Aside from visiting many great hotels in Hawaii, I was able to get out and enjoy many of the sites throughout Oahu.  One of my favorite places in Oahu was Turtle Beach.  Turtle Beach should not be confused with Turtle Bay, the hotel-resort located further north on the North Shore.  Turtle Beach is a very […]

Cabo San Lucas Car Rental Scams

Cabo San Lucas Car Rental Scams

Car rental scams in Cabo San Lucas are blatant and rampant. Fortunately, I was prepared to avoid the scamps. Preparation was based on reviews of car rental agencies in Cabo San Lucas on TripAdvisor. Here is a recount of how one car rental, Eurocar, tried to scam me and what I did to protect myself, avoiding $380 in hidden and unnecessary charges.

Resort Fees

List of hotels that charge resort fees in Hawaii and Las Vegas.

Fee NYC for Tourists

10 Free Things To Do in New York City For Tourists

New York City is a fantastic tourist destination, but it can also be expensive. Broadway tickets, dining, and hotels can be extremely expensive. In fact, even though there are several great ways to save money on hotels in NYC, it is still one of the most expensive cities for accommodation. Fortunately, New York also has many great attractions, sites and activities that travelers can take in without spending a penny.

Here is a list of the top 10 free things to do in New York City.

cheapest way from Las Vegas airport to Strip

Cheapest Way to Get From Las Vegas Airport to Strip

The cheapest way to get from the Las Vegas airport to the Strip depends on the number of travelers. A solo traveler can save money by taking a shuttle, but 2 or more travelers are probably better off taking a taxi if their hotel is on the Strip.

Flying from Bellingham for Canadians

Canadians Can Fly From Bellingham For Cheaper Flights

Anyone who lives in lower British Columbia (Vanouver, Victoria, Kelowna, etc) should consder Bellingham when flying for the many benefits it has to offer:

Tips for Cheaper Hotels in Manhattan

10 Tips for Cheaper Hotels in Manhattan

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the United States (second only to Miami). With a bit of digging, however, it is possible to find cheap accommodations in Manhattan. These 10 tips for cheaper hotels in Manhattan offer unique strategies to save money on lodging.

Ko Olina Lagoons

Ko Olina Lagoons in Hawaii Offer Great Snorkelling

I had the privilege of visiting Waikiki, Hawaii for two weeks. We rented a condo at the Waikiki Banyan) and a car from Priceline (at $14 per day). The family has settled in nicely and we have been visiting our obligatory tourist attractions (especially Waikiki beach). Anyone who knows Waikiki also knows that this beach […]