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This website is just coming up on its 2-year anniversary. Many thanks to the thousands of contributors who have posted in the various Priceline and Hotwire forums, as well as the tens of thousands each month who use the site. I’m love data, and I thought it would be interesting to look at the most […]

Entrance to the Salisbury Hotel

Salisbury Hotel in Manhattan on Hotwire

New York, and Manhattan in particular, is an expensive city and hotel accommodations are no exception. ¬†With the high price of real estate, it is very difficult to find a basic hotel under $200 per night. ¬†This is one of the many reasons travellers turn to opaque bidding sites like Hotwire or Priceline when booking […]

Cabo San Lucas Hotwire

Villa Del Arco on Hotwire

The Villa Del Arco is quite easy to identify on Hotwire. It is a 4-star hotel located in the Cabo San Lucas East hotel zone. In addition, it has the following distinct features to help make it fairly easy to identify. Look for a hotel with…

Feature Hotwire Hotels Las Vegas

Hotwire Hotels In Las Vegas

Hotwire is a great way to book hotels in Las Vegas because travelers can save a lot of money on hotels. Hotwire uses a blind bidding or ‘opaque’ model, where travelers do not know the name of the hotel until after they make their hotel reservation (which is non-refundable). This can save travelers money but there are also some risks involved. Specifically, you do not know what hotel you are getting and you cannot cancel your hotel. Fortunately, there is an effective way to figure out or reveal Hotwire hotels in Las Vegas before you book. This method is explained in this article and provides some other tips and advice.

Cabo San Lucas Hotels Hotwire

Hotwire Hotels In Cabo San Lucas

Hotwire is a great choice for travelers looking to book a hotel in Cabo San Lucas. Before you book your hotel, however, it is worth doing a bit of research to find out which Hotwire hotels are in Cabo San Lucas and what hotel you are likely to receive.

Priceline vs Hotwire

Priceline vs. Hotwire Hotels

This article takes a look at Priceline vs. Hotwire hotels. Specifically, we look at how each site rates the same hotels. Do they rate hotels the same or does one company inflate their hotel ratings? Anyone who travels has probably stayed at a hotel that did not quite meet their expectations. You book a hotel online based on some photos but when you get there, the hotel looks better in photos than in real life.