Hotwire Hotel List For Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Last updated: December 2016 | Hotwire Winning Bids and Bidding Help for Nova Scotia, Canada

There are 4 known Hotwire hotels in Halifax, NS.

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Bedford - Chocolate Lake

Future Inns Halifax
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Last Reported: December 2016

Downtown Halifax North

Prince George Hotel
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Last Reported: November 2013
This hotel appears often on Hotwire.
Atlantica Hotel Halifax
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Last Reported: August 2015 | 8 winning bids submitted for this hotel.

Downtown Halifax South

The Westin Nova Scotian
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Last Reported: December 2014 | See all 13 winning bids submitted for this hotel.
This is one of the more popular 4 star hotels on Hotwire in Halifax. If you book a 4 star, there's a good chance you'll get this. Look at the amenities to conform.

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