Ten Tips For Better Bidding On Priceline

Here are ten tips to become a better bidder on Priceline when you use Name Your Own Price for hotels.

  1. When bidding on Priceline, donít use the Priceline Name Your Own Price feature if you think you might need to change your reservation for any reason. Reservations are not refundable.

  2. Donít use the Priceline Name Your Own Price feature unless youíre flexible on your location. You never know for certain what hotel you might get. Check out the Priceline Hotel Lists to help you narrow it down, but always use caution and be flexible when bidding on Priceline.

  3. Donít use the Priceline Name Your Own Price feature if you want a particular hotel amenity (e.g., swimming pool, airport shuttle, etc). I like to use Hotwire in these cases since Hotwire shows you the hotel amenities before you purchase.

  4. Before you Name Your Own Price for bidding on Priceline, do a little digging around other travel websites to know what hotel rooms cost on other website and do not exceed this amount.

  5. Before you Name Your Own Price, check the Priceline Forum to determine what prices others have paid for successful bids on similar star level hotels in the same area. This is extremely helpful when trying to decide how much to bid

  6. Read and understand the article on how to instantly rebid on Priceline. The more bids you can make, the lower your starting bid price and the more money you will save. This is extremely powerful Priceline tip. For example, if you're bidding on a 5-star hotel in Las Vegas, most people start bidding at around the $80 per night range and rebid in $5 or $10 increments until their bid is accepted.

  7. Once you determine how many times you can rebid, use this method to determine a starting bid price, and then work your way up using free rebids.

  8. If you're really eager to maximize your rebids, some people have suggested using multiple credit cards or your spouseís card to increase the number of rebids. (Yes, apparently this works. However, if you are using your spouse's credit card, he or she must be present at check-in.) You may need to clear your browser cookies and cache to make this work. Personally, I do not go to these extreme measure to max out my rebids, but it's an option for you if you're really ambitious.

  9. My #1 tip for bidding on Priceline: Use the Priceline Hotel Lists to determine what hotels are located in your city and area prior to bidding. These lists are absolutely loved by travelers who use PL because they really go far in taking the risk out of using PL.

  10. After youíve purchased a hotel, help others by sharing your winning bid information. This is extemely helpful for everyone who uses this site. It makes a better bidding community and I cannot stress enough how helpful this is to fellow travellers.

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