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Priceline - name your own price is a fraud

By eraneldor on Aug 09, 2013


we always thought that priceline was an honest company. after many years of bidding - it was our default site for hotels, rental cars and flights.

two days ago, my wife ordered 4* hotel, for 7 days in paris. She has offered 150$, and the offer was accepted. we got "Mercure Montparnasse" hotel. ( bit pricy for this hotel).

after checking lastminutetravel.co.il, i have found a much better deal -
same hotel, same time including breakfast, for 131$ only!!!

I've contacted priceline immediatly. I even sent them screenshot of this deal. 19$ cheaper a day, and free breakfast (worth 40 euro).

severel emails were unresponsive. after calling them, waiting on line, they told me that the english version of lmt does not have this deal, and that they cannot navigate to external urls (to see my screenshot, i've put it on the cloud).

I've asked them to compensate me - the answer was no
I've asked them to cancel the deal - the answer was no
I've offered them to make a reservation at last minute travel and send them the reservation approval - so they will see i'm right and will cancel my priceline deal - the answer was no

my conclusion - Priceline slogan "Best price guranteed" is a big lie.
name your own price is a stupid fraud.

will never bid again at priceline.

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By TimMcG on Aug 14, 2013

Many businesses have a best rate guarantee, but there is always fine print. Some price guarantees are better than others. I think the non-english rule sucks. But do you really think Priceline's name your own price is a fraud? Afterall, are you not entitled to name whatever price you want, thus, I assume something you'd be happy with?
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By iceboi on Sep 03, 2013

Yea Priceline isnt at fault its the persons fault for not doing their research first.
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By VillagePeople on Sep 03, 2013

iceboi wrote:Yea Priceline isnt at fault its the persons fault for not doing their research first.


Yup. Someone had to say it, couldn't agree more.
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